Restoration Equipment on Long Island NY

Restoration Equipment for All Types of Water, Fire and Mold Remediation

To meet the needs of our expansive customer base, Total Supply has worked tirelessly to bring you top of line restoration equipment on Long Island and online at affordable prices. Whether extracting water from recent flood damage or remediation for fire or mold we have you covered! Call Total Supply Inc. today at (800) 868-2578.DriEazLogo1

One critical piece of restoration equipment for the commercial carpet cleaner or remediation expert is the air mover. Water damage remediation experts can trust our restoration equipment for carpet drying or major water damage extraction.

Dehumidifiers provide the power necessary to tackle the most demanding industrial applications of humidity control. Our commercial dehumidifier are built for the tough environments found in water damage restoration, construction, and rental use. The rugged housings and durable construction make our dehumidifiers the preferred choice of professional remediation companies.resto

In addition to humidity control, one of the most dangerous restoration jobs is mold remediation. Carpet extractors & dehumidifiers only help remover the water, but the mold growth and black mold removal must be performed with the proper restoration equipment.Total Supply’s line of mold remediation products start with powerful disinfectants and cleaners. Personal protective equipment is also critical to efficient and safe mold remediation.

Fire remediation coupled with smoke and soot removal need strong and trusted chemicals and tools to remove soot stains and fire damage. Chemical resistant suits and half mask respirators should be used by every remediation company. These small and simple pieces of remediation equipment can protect you from serious injury.

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