Cleaning & Restoration Chemicals on Long Island NY

Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Chemicals for ULTIMATE Stain Removal

chemicalTotal Supply Inc. knows how important stain removal is to a commercial carpet cleaner. If your company doesn’t use the best carpet cleaning & stain removers on Long Island for the job, your customer will take their business elsewhere. Call Total Supply Inc. today at (800) 868-2578.

With over 35 years experience in supplying top of line carpet cleaning chemicals, Total Supply Inc. stocks, sells and uses only the best stain removal products like Avenge stain remover, Perky Spotter, Pet Zone, HomePro Spotter, T-Rust and more. With thousands of potential stains on carpet, upholstery, wool, silk and more you have to be prepared with the best stain removers.

To increase the cleaning power of any carpet shampooer, it is recommended to pre-spray the carpet with a cleaning solution prior to using the specified carpet cleaner. Pre-application provides dwell time which dissolves tough residues for quicker and easier extraction. Be sure to visit our online store for a complete selection of carpet cleaning chemicals.


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